P4.org email list hosting change is complete

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Andy Fingerhut

Mar 2, 2022, 7:17:06 PM3/2/22
to p4-an...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-d...@lists.p4.org, p4-dev, p4-di...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org, p4-...@lists.p4.org
It was completed several hours ago, in fact, and I am only now getting to the point of sending this announcement of it.

Many thanks to Brian O'Connor, Nate Foster, Zack Williams, JK Lee, and probably several other people I am forgetting right now for their help in making this transition happen.

Hopefully messages are flowing through these email lists as well as (or better than!) they were before.  If you do not receive this message, please let me know :-)

I may send out one more announcement after the message archives are all accessible, and the email list owners know how to do the administrative things they could before, and instructions for how to join the email lists have been updated, etc.

Andy Fingerhut
Chair of the P4.org Technical Steering Team
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