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Stéphane Graber

Nov 30, 2021, 5:42:10 PM11/30/21
to lxc-...@lists.linuxcontainers.org
Branch: refs/heads/master
Home: https://github.com/lxc/lxc
Commit: 9873fb06d8b0e654e49a35facb5340de423c945a
Author: Stéphane Graber <stgr...@ubuntu.com>
Date: 2021-11-30 (Tue, 30 Nov 2021)

Changed paths:
M src/lxc/lxccontainer.c

Log Message:
Revert "api: ->save_config() doesn't need to create container dir"

This reverts commit 2fde07c3990fe09925699da5d9a1762eb279c497.

We need to investigate this in more detail but this commit is breaking
LXD, causing startup to fail with:

lxc foo 20211130202833.906 INFO conf - conf.c:run_script_argv:336 - Executing script "/bin/mount -t shiftfs -o passthrough=3 "/lxc-ci/build/tmp.WemmpzWGYz/go/src/github.com/lxc/lxd/test/tmp.Cli/0To/containers/foo/rootfs" "/lxc-ci/build/tmp.WemmpzWGYz/go/src/github.com/lxc/lxd/test/tmp.Cli/0To/containers/foo/rootfs"" for container "foo"
lxc foo 20211130202833.912 ERROR conf - conf.c:run_buffer:321 - Script exited with status 32
lxc foo 20211130202833.912 ERROR conf - conf.c:lxc_setup_rootfs_prepare_root:3947 - Failed to run pre-mount hooks
lxc foo 20211130202833.912 ERROR conf - conf.c:lxc_setup:4317 - Failed to setup rootfs
lxc foo 20211130202833.912 ERROR start - start.c:do_start:1275 - Failed to setup container "foo"

Not entirely sure why we're seeing things blow up as the directory
definitely exists (and contains a valid rootfs) but this was caused by
today's liblxc update.

Signed-off-by: Stéphane Graber <stgr...@ubuntu.com>

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