Announcing Incus 6.1!

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Stéphane Graber

May 8, 2024, 10:55:26 AMMay 8
to LXC users mailing-list, LXC development mailing-list

The Incus team is very excited to announce the release of Incus 6.1!

This is our first feature release following Incus 6.0 LTS.
As a reminder, feature releases are only supported until the next one
comes out, usually on a monthly cadence. Critical production environments
should stay on the LTS release instead.

In this release, we have a lot of small quality of life improvements throughout.
A lot of those being first contributions from students of the
University of Texas at Austin. Expect a lot more of those in Incus 6.2!

With Incus, you can easily create and manage both containers and
virtual-machines on a standalone system or a cluster of machines.
It provides a variety of storage and networking options with the goal to feel
like you're interacting with a cloud, but all locally.

The highlights for this release of Incus are:
- Creation of complex ZFS pools
- Listing of profiles across projects
- Listing of network zones across projects
- Additional functions made available to the placement scriptlet
- Using YAML to create objects through the CLI
- Customizable columns in CLI list commands
- migration.stateful flag for containers
- Stateless OVN ACLs
- Instance uptime tracking
- Improvement to network handling during evacuation

You can give Incus a try online:

Before getting it on your own system:

A detailed release announcement can be found here:

As well as a video overview of all the new features:

The code can be found on Github:

And support is done through our community forum:


Stéphane Graber, on behalf of the Incus team.
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