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[POLL] Expanding the DataStax Java Driver Testing Infrastructure: Request for Feedback Rick Smith 2/16/15
It seems several pairs of Cluster and Session instances obviously rises the memories usages in my case, I don't know why this happened. Martin Zang 6:16 AM
InvalidTypeException: Invalid 32-bits integer value, expecting 4 bytes but got 8 Igor Meltser 12:56 AM
About the 'Can one of the admins verify this patch?' comments on java-driver pull requests [ignore these] Andrew Tolbert 5/27/15
Limit on number of Column Families Arun Chaitanya 5/26/15
Add Rack/AZ awareness to TokenAware Policy (implemented and looking for opinions) Mario Lazaro 5/26/15
Doubt in Host.StateListener Sumit Thakur 5/22/15
default fetchSize Adil C. 5/22/15
QueryLogger Adil C. 5/21/15
driver compatibility? Scott Lewis 5/20/15
[RELEASE] DataStax Java driver and 2.1.6 Olivier Michallat 5/20/15
RFE: PreparedStatement cache Jonathan 5/20/15
Error while checking frozen types José Guilherme Vanz 5/20/15
How to write PreparedStatement for SELECT QUERY using java driver Sumit Thakur 5/20/15
Setting SSTable Repair Status Razi Khaja 5/18/15
Help needed with pagination in Cassandra - java hemabs 5/18/15
Caching the PreparedStatement (Java driver) Ajay Garga 5/15/15
How to apply Fetch Size in queries using Object Mapping? Angela Sun 5/14/15
Is this netty problem a show stopper? Ananth kumar 5/14/15
Which driver to use kkrish 5/11/15
Network transfer to one node twice as others Anishek Agarwal 5/7/15
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