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[POLL] Expanding the DataStax C++ Driver Testing Infrastructure: Request for Feedback Rick Smith 5/5/15
Retry procedure when prepared statement execution fails Mike 7/25/16
How to implement reconnecting? Ying LEE 7/21/16
Creating of a big amount of sessions from different threads causes Segfault on CentOS7 Stanislav Podlesny 7/20/16
typo in typedef in cassandra.h Sorin Manolache 7/8/16
[Release] DataStax Enterprise C/C++ Driver 1.0.0 RC1 Michael Penick 6/29/16
driver seems to hang when timing out on schema changes Robin Mahony 6/28/16
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.4.2 Michael Penick 6/28/16
libuv based application integrating DataStax C++ Diego 6/23/16
Relocatable RPMs for the C/C++ driver Raghunath 6/21/16
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.4.1 Michael Penick 6/9/16
Seg fault in cass_future_get_error_result Brian Gorham 6/8/16
configuration tool needed Razvan Becheriu 6/7/16
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.4 Michael Penick 6/1/16
Partial rows while paging. Robert Arritt 5/31/16
Notify event for change in keyspace or table Mahaveer D 5/30/16
Bug: Timestamps set on CassStatement that are then added to CassBatch are not applied Robin Mahony 5/27/16
Binding SMALLINT to NULL -> MarshalException Preventing Cassandra Restart Affan Salman 5/24/16
Uncertain mistake "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" Melody Liu 5/24/16
cass_session_connect future takes long than 5 minutes to return Robin Mahony 5/18/16
No host available use C++ driver with CASS_ERROR_LIB_NO_HOSTS_AVAILABLE error code Jet Li 5/13/16
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