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[POLL] Expanding the DataStax C++ Driver Testing Infrastructure: Request for Feedback Rick Smith 5/5/15
warning from CPP Driver while inserting row - Unable to find key column 'key' in prepared query Prerana Khare 10/6/15
C++ Driver does not retry connection to other contact point. Jeremy Lisenby 10/2/15
Datastax yum repo Michel Hollands 9/30/15
Do CQL statements that are not parameterized properly get routed using token aware policy Robin Mahony 9/28/15
homebrew formula is not installing the compiled library to the right place. Chengjian Wu 9/25/15
[Releases] C/C++ Driver 2.2 Beta1 and 1.0.3 Michael Penick 9/21/15
Compiling cpp-driver with g++-4.3+ on armv7l (ubuntu 12.04) Suleman Rai 9/19/15
Will the driver be a single point of failure/bottleneck? joy 9/16/15
Installing cpp-driver on Ubuntu 12.04 beaglebone black (armv7l) Suleman Rai 9/7/15
Problems connecting to local cassandra on Windows Uffe Gavnholt 9/5/15
My experience with the cpp driver Uffe Gavnholt 9/5/15
Random 'connection refused' error while launching application in my CI sumit 9/2/15
SSL outgoing ring buffer memory leak? Guy Sirton 9/2/15
No hosts available? friedrich 8/27/15
Future object deletion in async code Kaustubh Deorukhkar 8/23/15
Load balancing Ranjit Avasarala 8/21/15
Typo in callback Example in driver documentation Kirill Khistyaev 8/20/15
cass_session_execute Segmentation fault error Suleman Rai 8/17/15
Can't read correctly from map's frozen value sumit 8/12/15
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.1 GA Michael Penick 8/11/15
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