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[POLL] Expanding the DataStax C++ Driver Testing Infrastructure: Request for Feedback Rick Smith 2/16/15
C++ 2.0 library fails to compile on OSX 10.9.5. Nathan Gleaves 4/24/15
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.0 Michael Penick 4/23/15
Driver closing connection? Jacek 4/17/15
feature request to help figure out the bad row of a batch; question about batches Karl Lehenbauer 4/15/15
Re: Set IF condifion value for update query. Michael Penick 4/14/15
Why is there no random access CassIterators Robin Mahony 4/14/15
disconnection when waiting for futures Jean Giard 3/23/15
more detailed error messages Karl Lehenbauer 3/22/15
Binds in loop on prepared statement - bug? Jacek 3/5/15
Efficiently querying data types of table columns from the schema Karl Lehenbauer 3/2/15
[Release] C/C++ Driver 1.0.1 Michael Penick 3/2/15
Default consistency level on prepared statement Jacek 2/27/15
Getting connection timeout callbacks, but it's working Karl Lehenbauer 2/18/15
rc1 crash when connecting a new session 2/17/15
How exactly do queries work? Are there universal methods? Akshay 2/17/15
long timeout while waiting for futures Jean Giard 2/10/15
driver tries to connect to bootstraping node Jean Giard 2/10/15
error when binding empty collections Jean Giard 2/10/15
crash on rc1 with ssl 2/6/15
[Release] C/C++ Driver 1.0 GA Michael Penick 2/5/15
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