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[POLL] Expanding the DataStax C++ Driver Testing Infrastructure: Request for Feedback Rick Smith 5/5/15
Issue Inserting Nested User Defined Types Ryan Whitfield 2:31 PM
connection problem Sarah Ichiba 1:55 PM
Unsupported platform! Please add proper defines. Unable to build cpp-driver on beaglebone black (armv7l) Suleman Rai 7/29/15
cass_uuid_gen_from_time() and cass_uuid_max_from_time() inputs are incosistence Kirill Khistyaev 7/28/15
Build error with cpp-driver v2.1 ‘connection’ was not declared in this scope Suleman Rai 7/28/15
Inconsistency between cass_row_get_column_by_name and cass_value_is_null Kirill Khistyaev 7/24/15
API for getting data type(as CassDataType) of a table columns. Ya Jin 7/22/15
ssl related core dump Robin Mahony 7/22/15
Cassandra C++ Example code not compiling : cassandra_constants.cpp: error: assignment of read-only location Suleman Rai 7/14/15
Datastax yum repo Michel Hollands 7/13/15
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.1 Beta Michael Penick 7/7/15
"Invalid or unsupported protocol version: 2" error when connecting to C* 1.2.5 using 2.0.1 driver Michel Hollands 7/1/15
Driver performance Stanislav Podlesny 6/26/15
Eagerly waiting for 2.1.0beta1 sumit 6/25/15
Re: Question about exceeding high write bytes watermark Michael Penick 6/23/15
Reading system.peers and system.local from one node Jan Kristof Nidzwetzki 6/23/15
bug in cass_statement_bind_bytes_by_name for varint Silviu Caragea 6/4/15
cass_cluster_set_write_bytes_high_water_mark() doesn't seem to work under cpp-driver 2.0 Karl Lehenbauer 5/26/15
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