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[POLL] Expanding the DataStax C++ Driver Testing Infrastructure: Request for Feedback Rick Smith 5/5/15
C++ Driver showing "Failed to create prepared statement on table sdp01.Request timed out" Deepak Kumar 8/11/17 - Cannot find core / Unable to start DSE server 8/11/17
[Release] C/C++ DSE driver v1.3.0 Michael Penick 7/31/17
Adding single token nodes to existing datastax cassandra Cluster and data transfer is not working 7/30/17
Certificate verification failed 7/25/17
i am unable to install php cassandra driver for php5.6 please help Abhishek Singh 7/24/17
Build Error Bala Balu 7/20/17
is it possible to develop a python binding of the cppdriver Fly Stone 7/10/17
Validating Cassandra schema saikat gupta 5/22/17
Compaction running on hint table. varun saluja 5/16/17
[Release] C/C++ driver v2.7.0 Michael Penick 5/16/17
Driver only tries to connect to primary DC after all DC's go offline. Jacob 5/1/17
Case insensitive keyspace and table name in Metadata Anuj Jain 4/26/17
Our requirement is to select the data and then insert it if data not exist. We using Cassandra for performance. takesh 3/22/17
Schema Agreement Jacob 3/15/17
[Release] C/C++ Driver 2.6.0 Michael Penick 3/13/17
Mutate CassStatement immediately after cass_session_execute Joe Karlin 3/8/17
Speculative executions, retries and read / write timeouts Pavel 3/7/17
2.5 client compatible with Cassandra 3.9? Eric Pederson 2/27/17
Re: Does calling cass_result_row_count have to fetch all the data if using paging queries? Michael Penick 2/17/17
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