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Welcome! The Jacobs community listserv is used to share news, events, and opportunities with all Berkeley students interested in the intersections of human-centered design and emerging technologies. Anyone is welcome to subscribe. You can also follow Jacobs on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Medium, and learn more about student resources on the Jacobs website.

Announcements are sent to this mailing list about three times a week, following this general schedule: 
  • Thursdays: Jacobs-sponsored events and opportunity
  • Mondays and Fridays: events and opportunities offered by the broader design community
To share an opportunity with the list:
Email amydinh@berkeley.edu with an announcement title, a one paragraph description and a URL or email by which students can get more information. Please send timely announcements with at least one week's notice.

For other channels through which you can share or find design opportunities for Berkeley students, go here.