"Last Day" for SlapSeg III Comments

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Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (SlapSeg)

Oct 15, 2018, 3:14:39 PM10/15/18
to Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (SlapSeg)
Today is the advertised last day to comment on the test plan and API for the upcoming Slap Fingerprint Segmentation III Evaluation. We did make one significant update adding the concept of image deficiencies on 17 September 2018, but have not had any changes since then. If you have significant comments you've been waiting to submit, please send them to sla...@nist.gov as soon as possible. The evaluation is ongoing, so we are open to comments in the future but would like to have a solid plan to start.

We stated that we would begin accepting submissions for SlapSeg III shortly after the comment period closed. We are working through some policy issues (outside of our control) related to the release of slap images as part of our evaluation validation package that will delay us accepting submissions a little longer. The source code for the executable that will link to submissions for validation as well as a stub library are available on GitHub if you'd like to get started and would like examples.

Thanks for your patience! We're looking forward to getting this project underway.

-Greg (@nist.gov)

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