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Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (SlapSeg)

Jun 20, 2019, 7:57:24 AM6/20/19
to Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (SlapSeg)
We've posted a couple tools on GitHub you can use to further check your validation submissions before sending them to NIST.

Show Boxes: Visualize the SegmentationPositions returned by your library by superimposing them overtop of the source slap image. It can also overlay the groundtruth positions provided by NIST.

Orientation Accuracy: Parse the orientation determination validation logs and print the image names that were incorrectly identified for further investigation. 

These tools are provided for your reference only. Running them is not a requirement for submission to SlapSeg III.

If you encounter any errors, please let the team know or file an issue on GitHub.
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