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Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (SlapSeg)

Dec 12, 2019, 10:24:37 AM12/12/19
to Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (SlapSeg)

SlapSeg participants may be interested in the latest installment in NIST's Special Database (SD) series for biometrics, particularly Special Databases 302b and 302c:


NIST Special Database 302

Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge

This set of friction ridge images was captured as part of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)'s Nail to Nail Challenge. This dataset contains 200 of the 331 Challenge study participants. The data has been separated into several smaller datasets:

  • SD 302a: Challenger rolled fingerprint impressions (PNG)
  • SD 302b: Operator-assisted rolled fingerprint impressions and 4-4-2 slap impressions (PNG)
  • SD 302c: Palm images and fingerprint images segmented from upper palms (PNG)
  • SD 302d: Plain fingerprint images from auxiliary devices (PNG)
  • SD 302e: Latent distal phalanx images (PNG)
    • Due to the nature of the latent collection in SD 302e, we have not associated finger positions with these images, only subject identifiers. We are actively working with certified latent print examiners to identify finger positions and perform EFS Profile 2 markup. We will append SD 302 as new data becomes available.
  • SD 302f: Unprocessed photographs from Challenger T's prototype device (JPEG)

Additionally, after a brief hiatus, SD 300 and SD 301 are once again available for download. Qualified researchers may obtain any of these datasets by agreeing to the terms of use in the form on the webpage for each dataset.




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