Friendly Fork! Reddit like "UP/DOWN" voting and "IPFS" prime-secondary storage.

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Adam Marshall Dobrin

Feb 23, 2021, 8:49:09 AM2/23/21
to dev

These are the two things I'd like to create a fork/branch for--I'm eventually going to integrate it with a Wiki--or maybe directly with Wikipedia; in order to create some kind of "worlds knowledge and it's annotations" theme. 


I read earlier, I am almost positive; that there was beta or test code which had the up down arrow thing already in the hypothesis client.  If someone could point me to where that codebase; is it is exactly what i am looking for.  I'm also curious why it's not in the client I am using [the main one] yet, and if there is a future reason I might run into problems trying to synchronize with your main branch and/or ... anything else that might be pertinent regarding my plans.



Katelyn Lemay

Feb 23, 2021, 11:27:17 AM2/23/21
to dev, Adam Marshall Dobrin
Hi Adam,

If that fork of the client does indeed exist, it is before my time at Hypothesis, so perhaps someone else might be able to point you toward it. In the meantime, I can answer your question about why we haven't added an upvoting/downvoting feature to the product yet.

Recently, we've seen an incredible amount of growth in the education space, so that is where we have been focusing our development efforts: LMS integrations with grading, accessibility and security work necessary for our education users to get approval to use the tool, etc. 

Upvoting/downvoting isn't among the most requested features in general, and in the education space specifically the idea has even met some resistance (some of our teachers like that there is none of the social pressure that can be associated with upvotes/downvotes). 

That doesn't mean we will never implement upvoting/downvoting (or a similar feature). It might be something that is configurable (so teachers and other group creators could turn the feature on or off), or there might be another way to bring this feature to the client that lines up with education and non-education use cases alike. It likely won't be a priority for us in the near term, though.

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