CP/Maker LISPM now taking orders

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Heow Goodman

Feb 26, 2019, 5:15:13 PM2/26/19
to LispNYC

Luther Johnson is taking pre-orders for his delightful Z80 based LISPM (see website, video and attachment)

The MakerLisp Machine is a portable, modular computer system,  designed to recapture the feel of classic computing, with modern hardware. The CPU is a Zilog eZ80 running at 50 MHz, which supports up to 16 Mb of zero wait state RAM. The system software is 'MakerLisp', a 'Lisp on Bare Metal' system that allows direct access to system hardware, while providing the concise expressive power of a functionally complete Lisp environment. The machine is also an ideal platform for an extended CP/M. A full system configuration is pictured above, with CPU, expansion board, USB keyboard, and VGA display, in the laser-cut wood 'MakerStation' enclosure.

The CPU card is $129.00. You can plug this in to a USB port on your computer and use a terminal emulator (right now PuTTY is suggested).

The prototyping / expansion card (necessary for VGA or USB keyboard, or general breadboard connectivity) is $89.00.

The USB keyboard controller is $70.00 and the VGA display controller is $79.00.

email in...@cpmaker.com for more info
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