LispNYC: An important message about tomorrow's event

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Arthur Smyles

Apr 12, 2021, 8:13:11 PM4/12/21
Just a reminder that if you want to be part of the conference call, you
will need to RSVP here

And if you so choose, you can watch on youtube with this link:

Check back tomorrow and click on the online link to get to the
conference. Please post your name by going to the three dots on the
lower right corner of the window, clicking settings and going to
profile. This will help for the Q & A portion.

Speaking of which, due to the length of this presentation, we will have
a more formal Q & A.

1. During the presentation, if you have a question, please post it on
the chat window. Use the following format:

?slide# Question?

For example:

?1 What is the name of this presentation?

The above will help me parse the question to the speaker from the out of
band conversation as well as let the speaker know what slide you are
referring to (slide 1 in this case). You can find the slide number by
looking on the lower right when the speaker shares his screen. I'll try
my best if you don't follow this format, but it will help the speaker
and I greatly.

2. There will be a Q & A period in the middle of the presentation and
the end. For the middle Q & A, I will ask the question you posted to the
speaker. You may personally (verbally) provide a follow up if the
question is unclear or to expand the question. However, let's avoid back
and forth conversation so that we can get through the questions in a
timely matter.

3. The end Q & A period will be the same as the middle, except after the
formal questions, I will open the floor where people can continue to ask
questions as long as the speaker is conscious :)

Thank you,


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