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Arthur Smyles

Nov 24, 2020, 2:27:24 PM11/24/20

Dear Lispnycs,

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to share what we have planned during the holidays.

    We will be celebrating Lispmas with Larry Masinter, who will be presenting "The Medley Interlisp Project: Status and Plans" on December 8th. Medley Interlisp, originally it's own dialect of lisp, it had many innovations ahead of its time, including being the precursor to modern Integrated Developer Environments that we all use today. Larry as well as his colleagues won the 1992 ACM Software award for their work. Larry will be discussing his project to bring Interlisp usability back to modern systems. Get your spot reserved now by RSVPing here:

    For New Parens Day on Jan 12, Robert Virding will be presenting "Lisp Flavored Erlang". Robert, with Joe Armstrong and Mike Williams invented Erlang in 1986. Far ahead of it's time, the features of Erlang (Distributed, Fault-tolerant, Highly available, and Hot swapping) can be summed up today as Cloud Computing. Robert, not being finished by a long shot, decided to add "Alien Technology" to the mix creating something "Utterly Terrifying": a Fault Tolerant, Massively Scalable, Extremely Concurrent, Soft real-time, Lisp. Don't be late to the party! Sign up now:

  To help us get up to speed on Erlang, join us  as we watch together Mahesh Paolini Subramanya presentation on Erlang and OTP on December 22nd at 6pm. The link is not available yet, so subscribe and hit the notification bell on our youtube channel:

Finally, tonight at 6pm, join me and your fellow Lispnycs as we watch a LispNYC classic, "Knowledge Extraction" by Pierre De Lacaze. Check it out here:


Dec 8th: Larry Masinter, The Medley Interlisp Project: Status and Plans

Dec 22nd: Mahesh Subramanya, Erlang and OTP

Jan 12th: Robert Virding, Lisp Flavored Erlang

and TONIGHT 6pm, Pierre de Lacaze, Knowledge Extraction

Also, as this holidays comes up, please share wide and far all the links so the rest of the lisp community can join us this holiday season.

Happy Lispgiving,


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