VAX Lisp?

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Heow Goodman

Jan 15, 2019, 8:29:23 PM1/15/19
to LispNYC
Reposting this from the HECnet mailing list/DEC Computer Users on FB:

I’ve been seeing references to VAX Lisp installation savesets available on CONDIST media (March 1993) through google search but the links go nowhere and the messages are around 7 years old anyway. So…
Does anybody have the media I could ‘borrow’ and the product key, pretty please? There are references to its status being ‘retired’ like Bliss32. I didn’t get a response from HP’s hobbyist administrator regarding it being available through them.
Hoping someone can help.
They have the version I want running at the Living Computers Museum on Rosie which recently moved over from a 780-5 to a 6000-640 but it appears still to be sysgen’d for 24Mb main memory (I’m sure the 6000 has more than that) and my pagefilequota isn’t big enough to do the Lisp’ing I want to do and my working set limits would result in a horrendous amount of paging. Hence the need to do it locally.

Excuse the brevity,  sent from my pocket LISPM: 917-825-2382
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