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Arthur Smyles

Jun 25, 2019, 3:50:57 AM6/25/19
Hey Lispers,

Luther Johnson who presented MakerLisp back in April ( (Video and slides linked in the comments)) is making a special edition board with our I ❤️ ( ) logo on the back!

How to order:
1. Send email to for the number of boards you want by July 21st
2. He will send an invoice, where you can pay a $10 board reservation.
3. When the board is ready to ship, he will send a special promotion code for the remainder which you can use on Tindie

In addition, if you want the board early, he has a special promo code just for our group for $20 off list price until July 5th.

Check out his email below,


Hi ! I'm sending this message to your group because I've previously come to your group meeting, or am about to come to your meeting, to talk about the MakerLisp Machine, a single board eZ80 computer, running MakerLisp, a dialect of Lisp, on "bare metal".

Lots of news about the product, and the project, please see the web site, and the facebook page New features, new software support - CP/M is coming very soon, it has booted and run programs, and Nuttx, a real-time Unix work-alike ( has also just been ported. Both of these will be available in the software distribution in about a month. So you'll be able to run Lisp with classic small OS environments, as well as all by itself on bare metal. Please read the release notes and other postings, or just email me at if you have a question.

You can buy the MakerLisp Machine products on Tindie now ! See our page:

But the real reason for this email is to let you know about a promotion we're running, just for your groups, starting NOW, until July 21st. The list price of the MakerLisp Machine CPU card, which is all you need to get started, is $129.00. The price is based on the fact that I'm currently building 20 boards at a time. But if I can build a batch of 50 boards, I can buy and sell the boards for much less. I think I will eventually get to volumes where building larger batches is the norm, but right now, as I'm just starting to get the word, and boards, out to the world, I'm not quite ready to build in big batches.

However if can sign up 50 people to buy a CPU board each, I can start a build of 50, knowing that they are all sold. This will be a special edition, with the logos of the participating groups displayed on the back of the board. And because this is a promotion, where you're all helping me get to the next step, the price will be even lower than what it will be when I get to this volume in normal operations. For this one month, I will be offering this special edition CPU board for $75.00.

I'm gathering pre-orders now, and when July 21st comes, I'll build a batch of at least 50, or however many more are required. In order to keep track of the orders to fill, I'm asking that participants in this promotion send me $10.00 to secure the pre-order. Even if I don't get 50 pre-orders, I will build the boards required, and your CPU card will be shipped to you in the first week of August, at which time you will pay the remaining $65.00.

So that's the deal. You'll get the CPU card, in a special Lisp & Functional Programming group edition, at about a 40% discount, in early August, if you sign up before July 21st.

If you just can't wait, if you want products now, I'm also offering your groups, which have been so supportive of the project, a smaller discount, that can be used on Tindie starting now, until July 5th. The code is 19DC1224, and it gives you $20 off the list price, or a price of $109.00, for the MakerLisp Machine CPU card.

Thank you for reading and considering these offers. The Lisp and Functional Programming community has been so engaging and encouraging, and your groups have been great examples of the interest that is out there for new vehicles of creative expression, leveraging the best of classic computer science, combined with the can-do-it-yourself energy that is fueling so many new platforms. Please call or write any time.

Luther Johnson
(617) 308-4698
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