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Arthur Smyles

Mar 21, 2021, 9:13:43 PMMar 21

Hey Lispnycs,

    I am pleased to announce that April 13th, Our founder and former chief organizer, Pierre de Lacaze, will be presenting "Babar: Knowledge Recognition, Extraction and Representation". Babar is a research project in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It aims to bridge together Neural AI and Symbolic AI. As such it is implemented in three different programming languages: Clojure, Python and CLOS. And that is just the beginning! I've had a sneak peak of the presentation and...  I❤()🚀🚀🚀. Find out more and sign up here

    Hey, just between you an me: You can get a sneak peak too! We have his presentation of Babar's first baby steps from 2012. Check it out here,

    And on March 23rd, 6pm. We are running the Unification Algorithm with your favorite snacks, beverage of choice, me and your fellow lispnycs as we watch, Pierre's talk on Logic Programming. To quote Pierre, "It’s a good choice though because I’ll be referring to two aspects from that talk in my upcoming talk, specifically Clausal Form Logic and the FOIL algorithm for learning sets of Horn clauses.". So just Lisp and Prolog. Shut up and get in my browser tab!

In Summary:

2night, watch Babar's first steps,

in 2 days, the Logic Programming watch party starts,

and in 2 weeks, Pierre de Lacaze; Live; April 13th, 6pm.

You got the links, now spread'em


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