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Half year of 2014 has been passed! Bernie.M Tian 6:25 AM
Judging Update Heow Goodman 5/23/14
Is there anyone still working on the judgment? Are you going to announce the results in 2015? Roxia Linda 5/20/14
Another Judging Update Heow Goodman 5/9/14
Are you still working on the judgement? Bernie.M Tian 4/11/14
When and where will the winners be announce? Cory Koch 2/27/14
Invitation to connect on LinkedIn Himanshu Gusain 1/23/14
Project submissions are closed, judging Heow Goodman 12/7/13
Project Submission Continues Heow Goodman 10/20/13
project submission begins! Lisp NYC 10/2/13
Project Status Inaimathi 10/1/13
Exact Deadline? tj 9/28/13
How to submit a project? Dmytro Dogadailo 9/26/13
What if not using github? Kálmán Kiss 9/20/13
unsure how to submit what i'm working on. Mark Scala 9/19/13
Judge and Sponsor Announcement Heow Goodman 9/12/13
Lisphys : A library for writing physics engine in Lisp, using Automatic Differentiation. Saupin Guillaume 9/11/13
MetaJS: logos-oriented Lisp compiled to Javascript Dmytro Dogadailo 9/8/13
Idea : Timeline of Lisp history. Mayank Jain 8/15/13
Using Sibilant Rohan Prinja 8/12/13
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