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Welcome to the lnd mailing list, a discussion list for developers, users,
and service/applications built upon the Lightning Network Daemon (lnd)

This list is not meant for trouble shooting, or reporting issues related to
lnd. Instead, our developer slack or the lnd issue tracker should be used
for reporting issues. 

Instead, this list is intended to serve as a non-transient mailing list for
developers of lnd, as well as users which are building services/applications
on top of lnd. All new lnd release will also be announced in this list, as
well as any other global advisory information. Developers of lnd will also
be sharing high level roadmap or design initiatives as well, providing
additional context on the stream of PRs landing in lnd. We also welcome
those building services/applications on top of lnd to share any relevant
information or insights which may be of use to the greater lnd community.