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X-Expect-Override header causes a cached response to return a 200 instead of a 304 Justin York 10:48 AM
Duplicated id's on life events Cristian Cardoso 9:11 AM
Possible media types of audio files Justin York 12/5/16
flat list of people in a user's tree Andrew 12/5/16
Include portrait URLs in a person's display block Justin York 12/2/16
FamilySearch Java SDK Dependencies K. Brooke Nelson 12/2/16
change in replies requesting ancestry tree mike miller 12/1/16
Can we create an announcements-only version of this list? Nick Baum 11/29/16
What records collections data is available in sandbox? William 11/29/16
Client Credentials Authentication Jaden Taylor 11/29/16
Questions about internal Family Tree Structure Paul F Fraser 11/29/16
Problem updating existing persons data Jan Escholt 11/22/16
Indexing reports cryptoref 11/21/16
Gedcom X Maven test failure Paul F Fraser 11/20/16
"Flow is undefined" when requesting access token by autorization code Alexander Petkov 11/18/16
Java SDK Sample App Issue Paul F Fraser 11/18/16
Sandbox/Integration & Beta maintenance Vaughn Hepworth 11/16/16
Places array not normalized Cristian Cardoso 11/11/16
Current person returns 404 when an access token is missing Justin York 11/10/16
Receiving Data from /platform/tree/current-person John Defour 11/10/16
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