singularity-3.8.2 available for epel and fedora testing

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Dave Dykstra

Sep 1, 2021, 6:47:54 PM9/1/21
singularity-3.8.2 is now in the epel-testing and fedora testing
repositories. Please test it in your environment and give karma at


On Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 11:27:43AM -0700, Krishna Muriki wrote:
> Singularity 3.8.2 is now available
> We are pleased to announce the release of Singularity 3.8.2. This is a new
> bug fix release over the last v3.8.1 release. Please read the release notes
> below carefully. As always, please report any bugs to:
> If you think that you've discovered a security vulnerability please report
> it to
> Bug Fixes
> - Fix regression when files sourced from %environment contain \ escaped
> shell builtins (fixes issue with source of conda profile.d script).
> - singularity delete will use the correct library service when the
> hostname is specified in the library:// URI.
> - singularity build will use the correct library service when the
> hostname is specified in the library:// URI / definition file.
> - Call debootstrap with correct Debian arch when it is not identical to
> the value of runtime.GOARCH. E.g. ppc64el -> ppc64le.
> - When destination is ommitted in %files entry in definition file,
> ensure globbed files are copied to correct resolved path.
> - Return an error if --tokenfile used for remote login to an OCI
> registry, as this is not supported.
> - Ensure repeated remote login to same URI does not create duplicate
> entries in ~/.singularity/remote.yaml.
> - Properly escape single quotes in Docker CMD / ENTRYPOINT translation.
> - Use host uid when choosing unsquashfs flags, to avoid selinux xattr
> errors with --fakeroot on non-EL/Fedora distributions with recent
> squashfs-tools.
> - Updated the modified golang-x-crypto module with the latest upstream
> version.
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