What is the plan for remote students

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Lauren Coupland

Mar 11, 2021, 1:14:12 PM3/11/21
to Jennifer Guy, Kurt Steinhaus, Melanie Colgan, Dawn Jalbert, s.boe...@laschools.net, Christine Bernstien, Ellen Ben-Naim, public....@laschools.net
Dr Steinhaus and members of the board, 

Is there a cohesive plan for students who choose to remain remote after the return to full in person?  I realize that the mandate to reopen fully AND provide a remote option to all who want it was sprung on you.  However, parents and staff need to know what the plan is.  "We will handle it on a case-by-case basis" is not enough.  Parents need to know what will be offered at each grade level, and teachers need to know what they need to prepare for.  

I have heard a lot of bits and pieces of information floating around.  Classrooms will be streaming, no they won't.  That there will be a buddy system where an in person student is responsible for getting instruction to a remote student.  Informed choice is crucial for all stakeholders.   I am very concerned that neither the packet for the school board meeting, not Dr Steinhaus's newsletter addressed these details.  Please provide information and a cohesive plan.  
Thank you, 
Lauren Coupland
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