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Teresa Ritter

May 23, 2024, 7:00:11 PMMay 23
Dear School Board Members,
We just received an email about enrollment information about LAOLA. Since LAOLA is a smaller school with staffing decisions that need to be made early it is good to see a deadline date. It's stated that it provides a fully online option for students k-8. Here is the confusion and full frustration that parents are having in that there hasn't been full support for k-4 enrollment encouragement. It's been brought to my attention that  If you click on the link to the website it says currently 5th-8th grade and nothing about k-4. So yes, parents have been going back and forth on what to do.  LAOLA current and future students, staff, and families need the positive support and encouragement to keep k-8 strong to be there for students that may need LAOLA at some point in time whether they have an IEP, Gate, or not. As a reminder, online may not work for some students, but it works both ways too in that in person may not work for a student either. So both platforms should always be supported positively. 
Thank you,
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