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Akiko Shiina

Feb 8, 2021, 4:53:26 PM2/8/21
to School Board Public Comments
I really want my students to go back to school because they need to be with their peers for emotional reasons.  
Many students got great friendships through schools, sports and music.  Some of them are keeping up with academics to be able to do sports.  
NMAA is requiring students to go back to school to be able to participate in games or meets.  
IF we don't go back to hybrid, we are taking away huge opportunities for  those students.  IF we don't go back to hybrid this school year, could you convince NMAA to allow students to participate in school sports? 
Many sports are outdoors or in huge indoor space.  Some parents may feel safer for their students to do sports activities even if they don't feel safe to send students back into the classroom.   
I watched news the other day and found out one school district decided to stay in remote learning, and so many students in that school district are protesting about it because they want to play sports or instruments.  
If you decide not to go hybrid, PLEASE convince NMAA to allow students to participate in games, match. or meet.   We need to make sure our students' happiness and mental health. They need to be active.  
As a teacher and a mother, I feel students need to connect with peers to be happy and learn effectively. 
Thank you for supporting our students. 


Akiko Shiina

Los Alamos Middle School




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