Extra days of school next year... no thank you

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May 10, 2021, 8:03:36 PM5/10/21
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Dear School Board Members:

I am writing to you because I feel that adding days to the school year will just be bad. The students will be cranky because their brain needs a break. Teachers and staff will need a break because they have had to deal with these students all year and nurses and other staff members will also be very tired. Some students will want to come while others will not because it is summer and want a break. Some people will want to see family or friends they haven't seen in a long time. They might want to travel or go on a summer long vacation. I don't really feel like some students will want to, Including me. Yes education is good but so is rest and taking care of yourself. If someone planned to go on vacation for the part of the summer that summer school would be in they would have to cancel that because they still have about a month left. I would be ok with 10 more days of school but not 15 or 25. Yes it would give teachers and staff more money but they also need self care. In the summer there are so many fun things to do like go swimming, playing with friends,sleepovers and sleeping. If you were to take a month away the pool might close, not much time with friends and sleeping in. This is just my opinion. Other people might want more days of school because it might help them but just think you might be taking time away from family friends and for younger kids maybe even just maybe some of their childhood and fun memories that they will remember forever. I hope you consider this letter to help you decide what is best for the students. I hope you chose right. 


Anna E. Kerstiens

 5th grade Barranca student

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