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Lauren Coupland

Feb 8, 2022, 12:18:56 PM2/8/22
Ms. Guy and members of the School Board, 
I want to share my appreciation for many of recent covid decisions, such as the covid response team meeting more frequently, and adding more public health experts.  Cases are down significantly, and my kids are so happy to be back at school.  

It is my sincere hope that LAPS mitigation measures can keep cases low enough that schools can safely remain open.  I have seen some misinformation in other public comments.  I know that preschool is often overlooked as it makes up a small percentage of total LAPS students.  However, we should all remember that preschoolers are still not eligible to be vaccinated, and have no online option.  Additionally, many preschool students have an IEP and are in preschool due to delays that relate to the same medical conditions that make them higher risk.  To write off safety measures that protect vulnerable children as "appeasement" shows either a lack of understanding or a lack of empathy.  

Let's not forget that vulnerable students often face related challenges that make online learning difficult, if not impossible.  

Having epidemiologists advising the school board and the district can hopefully encourage science based practices that allow us to safely stay open.  I know that we are all eager to see covid-19 become less of a danger.  Hopefully spring and summer will bring a much needed reprieve.  We need to trust scientists and public health officials to help us navigate what can hopefully be an easing of restrictions without cases rebounding and necessitating stricter measures again.  

Thank you for your thoughtful and measured response.  
Lauren Coupland
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