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Rebecca Brynn

Feb 21, 2022, 6:03:00 PM2/21/22
Good Afternoon,

I vote against continuing with the mask mandate. I believe our children should be free to attend school in a normal way at this point if the family so chooses. By this time, most have either had Covid or are vaccinated. Science has now proven the negative effects of masks on children when it comes to speech and social skills. I believe each family and child should have the freedom to chose whether or not they are more comfortable wearing a mask or not. As for my children, one absolutely hates masks and in turn hates going to school because of the mask, whereas my other feels more comfortable in a mask and will probably chose to continue wearing one regardless of tonight’s outcome. Either way, my children should equally feel comfortable to attend school in a way that makes them feel secure and happy. 

Thank you for your time, consideration and all you do to support my children and their well being!


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