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Kim Laskey

Jan 12, 2021, 10:54:08 AM1/12/21
While I appreciate all the effort that has gone into keeping school rolling this year, I just cannot fathom the change to less than 4-hours of in-school instruction per week with the new hybrid schedule that has recently come out.  

Our governor insists she is being guided by the science.  Dr. Fauci and the CDC now stress the importance of schools reopening.  It's been proven and continues to be asserted that schools are not large contributors to community spread, and that infections among students and from students to teachers remains low, if proper precautions are taken.  Why is the science not being used to guide the decisions at LAPS?

It is imperative that schools reopen, with as close to a normal schedule as possible.  Our kids crave the structure, socialization, and of course education that just is impossible to replicate in a remote environment.  

Please reconsider, at a minimum, returning to the previous hybrid schedule with 2 full days of in-person learning for elementary students, and consider adding in-person schooling for large groups of middle and high school students.  Our kids deserve it.

Thank you,
Kim Laskey
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