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May 11, 2021, 1:50:49 PM5/11/21
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Hello Melanie Colgan and School Board Members,

My name is Addy Witt and I'm a junior at Los Alamos High.  I am reaching out because I am concerned about the way in which we would use the extra ten days of the school year if we decide to change the 2021-22 school calendar.  While I think the extra days and additional funding would be beneficial for our learning and teacher pay, the extra school days should be used in a valuable manner, with experiential learning such as field trips, workshops, and community service in order to broaden the variety and quality of our education.

If we are to extend our school year, we should maintain a longer summer break rather than adopting a year round schedule because of the opportunities for students created by freetime in the summer, like jobs and internships. Without time for internships and other resume-building programs, students will have no working experience going into college, trade school, etc. and less past jobs and opportunities to list in college applications. That said, there is the possibility of using extra learning time during the school year to provide special trainings and community service projects to students as part of regular classes.  Leaving a longer summer break while adding extra days to the school year for the financial benefit with one of the first four proposed schedules will maximize unique working and real-life experiences for students.

Accepting 4.7 million dollars in funding to potentially pay teachers more and make up for LAPS being down in enrollment does not have to mean more meaningless hours of in-class time stuck onto the beginning of the school year.  There are many important experiential lessons to be added to LAPS students' curriculum, such as time for club meetings, field trips, community projects, and resume-building workshops.

Thank you,

Addy Witt

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