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May 10, 2021, 7:49:52 PM5/10/21
to public....@laschools.net, Christine Bernstein
Dear members of the Los Alamos school board, 

My name is Abigail Lechel and I am a junior attending Los Alamos High School. I am writing with regards to the new school year schedule coinciding with the 48 million budget being proposed. 

I believe that while this proposal would increase the learning time for all students, in the long run, the change you are seeking will not happen because it is not the quantity of days but the quality of days that will help improve our educational experience. Studies by Walden University have shown that longer instructional time in school may improve academic achievement but there is no definitive proof to back this theory. Making the proposal of extra days for the los alamos public schools seem only partially backed by studies and are therefore not seen as beneficial to the students.

However, if we do need to change the schedule, the one that appeals to me as a highschooler is the V5 Year round schedule. Now I know this seems contradictory to the previous statement, but the reasoning for my decision is because we are allowed more breaks. I have seen so many of my friends burn out by the end of the year because of the immense schoolwork and pressure put on us by constant instruction. And while this schedule would cause us to be in school a little longer, we would have more time to rest and recuperate during the longer and more frequent breaks. Not to mention, a study by MIT proved that more well rested students have been proven to produce higher test scores and better work.

 If It comes down to this decision, I hope you take these points into consideration.

            Abigail Lechel

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