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Krista Gellis

Feb 21, 2022, 7:01:24 PM2/21/22


We currently have four children in LAPS, and we support dropping the masking requirement immediately.

Here are our reasons:

1. Children, especially the youngest, have statistically zero risk of death or significant injury from Covid.

2. The dominant strain of Covid today is Omicron, which is relatively mild.

3. Most of the population either has natural immunity or vaccination.

4. The effectiveness of masking has always been dubious at best. According to my reading, only the P-100 masks (“Darth Vader” style) offer any significant protection to the individuals wearing them.

5. Masks have been shown to reduce children’s oxygen levels while wearing them all day long. Everyone familiar with biology knows that this could never be a good thing. Recurring headaches for children is not nice.

6. Masks have been shown to delay young children’s language development, along with cognitive and social development.

7. Masks get dirty. Re-breathing exhaled air inside a damp and dirty mask for hours upon hours does not sound like a recipe for health.

8. Finally, we feel that all forms of medical interventions, treatments, therapies, medicines and vaccines should be left to individual discretion. People should always be free to do their own research and take their own risks.

Thank you,

Krista Gellis


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