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Es Daly

Jan 12, 2021, 10:23:57 AM1/12/21
to School Board Public Comments
I am writing to state how disappointed I am in the proposed school schedule extending remote schooling until 80%of Los Alamos county is vaccinated. My personal experience indicates children  in kindergarten are not doing well with online schooling and data from educational sites indicates that children kindergarten through second grade  are most impacted. The state of New Mexico has  expanded criteria for vaccination to include teachers. I would request the board prioritize kindergarten, then first, then second grade teachers along with minimal maintenance staff  to receive the vaccine and have those teachers and children return to full time schooling as soon as the second shot has been received.    You have the contacts with the state DOH,  the local government and local health department to make this happen.  If you did this now we will have these children back in school in February.  

Los Alamos is receiving vaccines.   LAMC received theirs.  Work to prioritize primary school teachers and get them back in the classroom. 

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