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Susan Hettinga

May 23, 2024, 6:04:21 PMMay 23
to School Board Public Comments
Dear School Board members,
I am writing this in support of appointing Tammy Hinckley to the Chamisa district open school board position.  She attended Chamisa Elementary as a child and taught here for many years before going to the district office.  I also worked with her for 4-5 years at Barranca Mesa before we both were able to find positions at our neighborhood school, Chamisa.  If anyone knows Chamisa, it's Mrs. Hinckley.  

In addition to her connection with teaching she also has strong business skills and is very familiar with all that goes on in the and around the Los Alamos District.  She has worked at numerous LAHS sporting events throughout her years in town and knows all about the yearly events and happenings. 

I can't think of a better candidate to vote for then Tammy Hinckley.

Sincerely,  Susan Hettinga
Fellow colleague of Tammy's for more than 15 years
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