Resumption of all day 5 days a week: Zero children utilize restrooms

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Florence Thomas

Mar 12, 2021, 1:05:09 PM3/12/21
At this point, the children have informed me, from three separate middle school classrooms, not one of them felt it was safe to use the restroom until vaccinated," because it isn't like they can sanitize after every kid at the school and kids get urine everywhere, plus most do not really wash hands. That means every must touch surface in the bathroom would be contagious." The kids were referring to the handles for stalls and doors as well as the paper towels or sinks.

How do we anticipate the kids health impact to be mitigated if they are aware many students do not practice the safety minimums in a restroom? Will a trusted adult stay in the restroom if a student is in the restroom?

How will the schools maintain the covid safe practices in a classroom measuring 25 x 25 at most and keep the desks for more than twenty students and a teacher in the room?

Finally, while I realize the risk for children developing a severe or complicated case of covid is only about 20%, that is the identical odds for Russian Roulette. It seems irresponsible to force the parents to either send their kids to school without a vaccine or homeschool on their own. With the Online Academy closed, these are the only options parents with students who have a history of complications from pneumonia, such as, asthma and previous contraction of the SSARs and MERSV, both which my kids have had? What are the alternatives proposed to meet the needs of children whose parents have added risk factors not to contraction but to exacerbating and threatening symptoms?
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