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Dear School Board,

Think about having a nice relaxed summer break. You're going on a vacation, or you're going to a camp, or even just having a good time with your friends, and then out of nowhere you just go back to school… again. That is not going to get you anywhere. 10 or 25 extra days you might learn 1 topic in Math. MAYBE read 1 book in ELA. That is not going to help with our learning or even our mental health. Nobody is going to want to go back to school. All they will want to do is take a break. Here are some reasons why 2-5 more weeks are going to do not as much as you think.

First the people who are not learning as much as they should be, are the people who don’t care. If you do that you are probably going to be teaching ghosts because no one is going to want to learn and no one is going to learn. If you don’t want to learn you don’t want to learn it’s that simple. If you don’t want to learn you are not going to learn. Summer break is a time to get your mind back in shape, do what you love, and have fun. You only get a limited number of summer breaks in our life and we didn’t really get one last year because you couldn’t do anything like what you normally did. So why take it away again. It’s just absolute stupidity. At my school in Barranca there are about 400 kids in this school. If you count how many would want to go to school in extra days it would take a while for you to get to 10. 

Second, everybody needs a summer break. There are some families that are struggling on money and they need their kids to get a job to pay for at least some of that. Taking away that you could be ruining peoples lives, because they can’t afford everything on their own. You could expect that everybody would be fine with doing this insensitive thing but if you do you are wrong and aren’t about families’ health. Smart people, that work extremely hard during the year, wait the whole year for summer break. When the end of May comes we have all our hopes up to have a good break and then school comes in. Yay, awesome I’m so excited to go back to school again. Ugh, there is just no point in doing it. 180 days is just about half the year, 205 days is 6% more. The school board might think going back to school is the best thing in the world. No wonder why people are depressed. It's because things like this happen. Not many people actually want to go back. according to google 75% of students are bored or they don’t want to learn. If you think about it, that is probably accurate. 

Third, I asked a couple of my friends and family. This is what they said. My dad said, “”this is stupid!!! Kids need to be kids having more school is just not right!!!”. My sister, a freshman at the high school, said, “ If you want to go back to school you can go back to school but that’s your decision. One of my friends said, “Who would want to go back to school?. It’s not like anybody is going to go``OOO''!!! I'm going to waste my summer break to go back to school. No, nobody is going to say that. I totally agree with them it would be stupid to go back to school for another couple weeks.

That is my argument. I hope you take this into consideration when making your final decision. Think about if you had to go back when you were a child. Would you have liked it? Would it have helped you? Take a moment and think! Hopefully I changed your mind about going back to school for another 2-5 weeks. Kids will just want to stop learning and it will be teachers babysitting because of behaviors. 



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