Students/Teachers Reap 2 More Weeks In School-Unnecessary

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Sharon Seitz

Mar 24, 2023, 12:18:46 PM3/24/23

When the school board started discussing Calendar A, B, and C, I knew they missed the main point. By then, Los Alamos was already doomed to an additional 2 Weeks of School added to any of their choices! 2 Weeks of more school!  Kid’s butts sitting in chairs for 2 more weeks!!! Absolutely appalling!!! 


The current 180-Day Calendar (Calendar Y for 23-24) MEETS the required HB130 Hours with minimal tweaks for the Elementary. No need for extended daily schedules nor added days in the year. For Elementary to reach the required 1080 (1140-60=1080) Hours, they need 17.5 to 32.5 additional student time which could be accomplished by some of the below ideas.


  • 19 Hours for Flex Hours (Aug 7,8) and Remote Learning Hours (Oct 4, Mar 13))
  • 16 Hours for Nov 20, 21, 22 before Thanksgiving Holiday
  •   6 Hours for First Th, Fr of School (Aug 10, 11)
  • 26 Hours for Parent/Teacher Conference Days (Sep 28, 29 & Mar 7,8)
  •   3 Hours for Last Day of School May 24

70 HOURS TOTAL – when we only need 17.5 to 32.5 Hours depending on which #s are used


And, since they chose for our children to need 2 MORE Weeks of school instead of tweaking Elementary, then they looked at the survey results. Did you see the survey results? Of course the survey also assumed you already wanted 8, 9, or 10 MORE School days.  So, your only choice was how to arrange the school days into a calendar year. Again, by this time it’s too late. You’re sucked into the notion that those 2 Extra Weeks of school are really required. They are not.


Did the school board care that the majority of survey responses chose Calendar A? No. 


Did they care that the majority of survey comments begged to not add additional days to the calendar? No.


They are more interested in using our children as guinea pigs to hastily try out a restructured calendar given no data about the pros and cons. 



The fear put upon the masses that we might lose funding is incorrect. Our school budget is healthy and strong. Yes, a pilot program is sunsetting with $649K. But it would be more fiscally responsible to use part of the $13M Leased Facilities’ Fund for 23-24 and do the appropriate research into the best path forward for that long-term funding. And SB4, Healthy Hunger-Free Student’s Bill, will pay for free breakfast and lunch for all students. It states clearly that funding is included in the bill and yet the fear-based message is that there is no funding should it pass into law. Unfortunately, our board went money grubbing at the expense of our children. Despicable!


Sondra Wyman was the only school board member able to see past the smoke and mirrors, that we did not need to add the unnecessary two weeks of school. And that we should listen to the majority of the survey results and public comment emails. Now that’s a school board member worth voting for next time!! Too bad she’s not in my district. 


I hope the already burnt out Teachers and Students are ready for 2 MORE Weeks of school. Coming to a school near you... Calendar C begins August 9 and ends June 7 and includes 190 Instructional Days instead of 180. That’s ten more Days and 146 more Hours in school than required by law.


Enjoy this summer – our last long summer. 


Alas, we are stuck with 2 MORE Weeks of School!!! There should be an uproar, a walk out, something to get their attention!!! I’m looking at my options. My children deserve better!!!


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