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Reid Priedhorsky

Jul 21, 2021, 2:35:47 PM7/21/21
Dear school board members,

I am writing in support of Erin Green for the District 5 seat. While I live in the Aspen School district, this appointment affects the whole community, and my arguments for her are character- and experience-related rather than district-specific.

Ms. Green is remarkably thoughtful and kind. She is a good listener, and brings important perspectives that will help the school board serve LAPS’ entire population of students. Her people skills will also help navigate the passions and controversies the board has to deal with, and distill them into actionable, fair, and effective plans.

I would also like to echo and incorporate by reference several other folks’ comments:

  • Tara Adams’ on Ms. Green’s approach to decision-making and thoughtful questions.
  • Lauren Coupland on why parents leave LAPS for homeschooling and how to understand and address this issue.
  • Lauren Coupland and Christy Patterson on addressing the needs of a diverse student body.
  • Heidi Rogers on her problem-solving philosophy.

Regarding Ms. Aguilar Garcia, I would also echo Terry Goldman and Richard Skolnik’s comments as well as those of several others. Her views on COVID and public health institutions are not reality-based and are grossly disqualifying.

Reid Priedhorsky
Walnut St.
LAPS parent
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