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Reid Priedhorsky

Feb 8, 2022, 2:53:24 PM2/8/22
to Jennifer Guy, Melanie Colgan,, Christine Bernstein,, Erin Green,
Ms. Guy, school board members:

The following is public comment for the 2/8 school board meeting.

I reiterate my support for the heroic efforts of LAPS teachers & staff during the pandemic. However, I also renew my request for substantive change from LAPS leadership as explained in my earlier letter, which includes better institutional support that teachers & staff need as professionals and deserve as human beings.

I see there has been a flurry of public comment that falls into the false binary of doing nothing vs. maximum lockdown, containing extensive misinformation and misunderstandings about COVID, including misinterpretation of the scientific literature. It is LAPS leadership’s responsibility to make intelligent, evidence-based, proactive decisions, not triangulate the mid-point of public opinion or perceived public opinion.

In particular, it is ludicrous to deliberately ignore available public health expertise. This makes no sense whatsoever.

I would also request that Ms. Guy be careful not to succumb to flattery. These letters are leaning hard into praise for her, and while I have no evidence this is insincere, I ask that LAPS leadership focus on their content instead.

Reid Priedhorsky
LAPS parent

p.s. Please clean up the spam in the public comments group. I see at least four spam messages that need to be removed.
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