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Karen Morris

Oct 14, 2020, 12:57:25 PM10/14/20
to Ellen Ben-Naim, Dawn Jalbert, m.co...@laschools.net, c.ber...@laschools.net, public....@laschools.net, s.boe...@laschools.net
Dear Members of the Board,

Thank you again for your continued time and efforts on behalf of our community. This has been a tremendously difficult year for all of us. As Dr. Boerigter commented, none of us are health experts!

As our positivity rate for the community remains one of the lowest in the nation, we are very happy to be going back to face to face classroom instruction. It will definitely not be ideal, but it is a step forward. Our community spread has also been negligible, as Mrs Colgan pointed out last night, in spite of many of our essential workers coming in from neighboring communities.

My girls are delighted to be going back and I have already committed to subbing at Mountain for the days they are in class. I am confident in the district's efforts and plans to move us forward as safely as possible.

Kind Regards,
Karen Morris

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