Follow CDC Masking Guidelines for Schools

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The McReynolds

Feb 23, 2022, 9:03:25 AM2/23/22
We write to share our family’s continued concern about the Board’s decision this week to depart from CDC guidelines on masking in schools. In a town that prides itself on positive community, science and discovery--among other things--it was shocking to us that our LAPS board members would summarily depart from CDC guidelines on this issue.

It is not surprising to us that governors, including our governor, who are balancing many policy issues and election campaign considerations might depart from CDC guidelines. However, we expect our school board to follow public health experts, not politicians, for guidance in making decisions concerning the health and safety of our children. For our school board to walk away from CDC masking guidelines in schools was truly shocking. Not even Santa Fe schools did something so rash. We understand that CDC may soon update guidelines, but we do not support the LAPS board leading ahead of the CDC when it comes to the health and safety of our children. We continue to be very disappointed in the board’s decision on this issue. Our confidence in this board is greatly diminished.

We sincerely hope that this snap decision does not result in a surge of cases in our schools would cause them to go back to remote mode. Our third grader, who joined us in watching the board meeting on this issue, asked us after the vote: “Don’t they understand that remote school is WAY WORSE than having to wear a mask?” While we hope that the board was acting on information unknown to us and that the voluntary masking policy does not result in case spikes and school closures, if we again see school closures over the several weeks we will be remembering you votes on masking.

The McReynolds Family
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