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Brandi Engeman

Jan 19, 2022, 12:06:37 AM1/19/22
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Good evening,

I’d like clarification on why the CSP policy about remote learning has changed today. Previously the CSP wording on moving into remote learning states the district would love into remote learning when cases reached 5% of a school population in a 14 day rolling period for ten days. If at the end of the ten days the case counts were not below 5% they’d remain in remote and reassess.

Now the policy says nothing about rolling counts, remaining in remote learning If counts are still at 5% and we’ve  been informed the counts magically reset on the day kids go back to school. Does this mean that even if a school population has a positivity rate of 10% they’d return to campus with a case count of zero?

Why was the wording changed? Who decided on the changes and what prompted them to make these changes?

Additionally, why are we now only counting “lab reported” cases when many of us are choosing to use a rapid at home test to keep our families tested? Will positive at home rapid tests no longer be counted in totals and if not, why?

Thank you,
The Engemans
White Rock, NM
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