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Es Daly

Feb 9, 2021, 11:05:48 AM2/9/21
The school board follows the science so please do it this time.   The science says attending school with masks and social distancing is the same as community exposure.  Science, at this point, also notes that the vaccine lessens your response if you have the virus and reduces your chance of hospitalization.  It does not totally prevent your exposure.    Teachers are out in the community, they are grocery shopping, and walking with friends. They  are already  being exposed.   

Epidemiologists say we will have the same issue next fall and other school years in the future.  What will you do then?  The virus mutates, vaccines will require revision and won’t be available to all your teachers then.   Is remote school or remote schooling with four hours a week in person this the philosophy you intend to keep?  Currently, remote school forces parents, aunts, uncles, grand parents to assist in schooling.  

Four hours a week of in person instruction with online supplement is not working for younger. children. My experience is that  kindergarteners are not attentive to the online teacher.  Just ask any kindergarten teacher how many times an hour they have to the student to put away the toy, the blanket, sit up, not eat, or look at the camera.  These behaviors occur far less in the classroom setting.  

It is time to return students to school in full day increments.  If people do not want to come to school they have and will continue to have the option of online learning.  If that is what they want let them do it but let parents, whose lives have been disrupted by your plans, have the option of day long in person schooling. 
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