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Lissie Ham

Oct 13, 2020, 5:21:45 PM10/13/20
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Dear School Board Members,

Our governor just announced some new restrictions for NM because once again we have a record breaking 7 day rolling average of new cases, including bringing the gathering size back down to 5 instead of 10 (so smaller than the number in most hybrid classes). 

Previous information about children not spreading the virus is proving false. 

Given the new information and the current statewide highs, please do not open our children and families up to a higher risk. Several of the schools plan to have two grades in the gym or cafeteria for lunch. 40-50 kids unmasked in one space at a time when gathering of 6 masked adults are prohibited is not going to help our community keep our low number of cases. 

Please do not send kids back to school when it is all, but guaranteed to get moved back to fully remote by the holidays.

Thank you,
Lissie Ham
Mountain mom 
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