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Lisabeth Lueninghoener

Jan 12, 2021, 1:33:13 PM1/12/21
I'm reading a lot of public comment from some very angry parents about the new hybrid schedule, and I sympathize.

I feel that in an attempt to make everyone happy, the school has settled on a compromise schedule that allows teachers to make almost no one happy while also completely over extending them.  Teachers have all but 90 minutes of every school day scheduled for them.  This allows no time for pulling in students who may need more help in person or semi-private help online.  It doesn't allow for any of the flexibility to create an environment that serves the needs of their particular students.  And yet teachers are largely being blamed for this schedule change that has had a huge impact on them.

If you give teachers more autonomy (and actual time to implement plans before shifting them *again*) then they will find ways to meet the needs of their students and most people will be a lot happier.

We need to stop polarizing parents and teachers and find ways to differentiate to meet the needs of more students.  It isn't going to be a one-size-fits-all plan.

Also, we need to stop focusing on kids "getting behind" academically.  Who are they getting behind?  Kids are resilient and teachers are creative.  When we're done learning all of the skills that come with surviving a global pandemic, we'll move forward. 
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