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Karen Morris

Feb 6, 2022, 10:55:43 AM2/6/22
Dear Members of the Board,

Mrs Guy has done a wonderful job in very difficult times as head of our COVID task force. LAPS has had very few cases in comparison to other districts.

As a parent of 2 LAPS students AND as someone who regularly subs for the district, I am very opposed to any changes or further restrictions on our students. We do not need to add/change our response. Our numbers have decreased drastically and we should be moving to open our lives back up.

While I don't mind mask wearing, I think the time has come to begin moving forward - we should be allowing spectators at sports, we should be allowing all our afterschool activities to resume. Other states are doing so and have case numbers lower than ours! Our children deserve a chance to resume normal lives.

Kind Regards,
Karen Morris
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