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Brandi Engeman

Dec 13, 2021, 11:18:25 AM12/13/21
Good morning,

We recently received a copy of the survey on school climate and safe and civil schools. The first question asked indicates, to this family, that there is no safety or civility for our child at the middle school. The question is inskippable, but leaves parents of non-binary or gender fluid/questioning children with NO options. I cannot, in good faith towards my child, answer how many boys or girls I have in the middle school without betraying my child’s gender identity. 

Change the question to include gender non-conforming students or allow parents to skip the question.

The simple fact that this is the FIRST question we were confronted with is upsetting, demoralizing and shows me my child is, as they’ve frequently stated, not safe at school. They’ve told us recently if harassment by other students they’ve received for being gay and non-binary and how the school administration has repeatedly said they can’t let the gay kids say and do certain things because the straight kids might feel discrimination. I can now believe this to be true based on this survey alone.

We have a real problem at the middle school for our marginalized students; please address this and show our family, and others like ours, that you actually believe the things you say in the public meetings you host and are not simply using GSA at your meetings as a prop to make you look inclusive and supportive.

Brandi Engeman

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