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Tommy Castillo

Jan 27, 2022, 10:47:50 AM1/27/22
Response to Mr. REID PRIEDHORSKY concerns with LA PS Covid response:

For someone who has walked 40 adventures on the Colorado plateau in his own shoes. It looks like he has never walked a mile in a LAPS administrators shoes. Most administrators Chose to miss one adventure in a local canyon. Instead end up bending our backs over trying to do the best job we can.
Reid’s Concerns lacked research and insight.
I am sure if this man had reached out to other administrators and asked some  Sincere questions he would feel a lot different than how he feels now.
 I am part of the district leadership team and every administrator on that team has worked tirelessly trying to make these last two school years as normal as possible.
I will give him one example and let my colleagues respond for themselves.
  Mr. Reed said that the district had not ordered filters for the schools till just recently and that they were stuck in a bureaucratic mess of supply chain Delay for months and paying peak premiums for them.
  Sorry Mr. Reid, Mrs. Guy said air purifiers NOT filters . Read your own words yourself.
If you would’ve done some research back in 9 15 2020 the district had a Townhall’s meeting and went over several protocols of Covid including ventilation that lasted around a half hour with a question and answer session. That session can be reached in our website under school board then meetings minutes September 15th 2020. Still active on the site. This will show you that administrators were not “ignorant” of Best ventilation practices.
The best way to ventilate a room is to introduce fresh air into the room while exhausting stale contaminated air out.
  These air purifiers are just going above and beyond using HEPA filters,charcoal filters and ionization. they do not exhaust stale air or introduce fresh air. Since early 2020 these units have been in areas that did not have adequate ventilation. The units that Mrs. Guy was talking about we’re just over and beyond once again to give teachers another blanket of security they requested, But in no way gives adequate outside air ventilation monitored by CO2 sensors the premium standard of Air quality monitoring our current automation systems have. 
Quick unresearched Conclusions that are expressed through the media Can and will spew misinformation and verges on slander if it is not corrected. A person who has endeavored adventures like you usually understands nature and should know when it’s time to humble yourself and reach out to the entire administration. Their numbers are on the website and they have never turned away any one who wants to better the community. 
Please reach out to anyone of us Director of operations, Director of HR ,construction managers and superintendent to get the full story.
Thank you
Director of operations
Los Alamos public schools 

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