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Jennifer Jung

Feb 21, 2022, 4:26:18 PM2/21/22
Please allow for the removal of masks in schools. We have listened to the Governor thus far. Please continue to do so.

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Danielle Bergemann

Feb 21, 2022, 7:01:05 PM2/21/22
It’s time to end mandatory masks in school. It is time to follow the science and give parents the choice when it comes to wearing masks in school. Masks negatively affect learning and causes significant social and emotional harm. Masking impairs verbal and non-verbal communication between teachers and students, limits facial identification and has occasional physical side effects. Visualization of the entire face is of crucial importance to emotional, social, and speech development.

Our children wear masks in school, but yet when the leave for lunches or after school activities, the masks are taken off. If you see kids socializing after school, the kids are not wearing masks and are in very close contact. Do you think they are wearing masks when they hang out in the weekends? Our kids are forced to wear masks while playing indoor sports, such as volleyball, where there is not a lot of contact with the other team, but football players are not required to wear them? Football is a contact sport and the players are a lot closer than some of the indoor sports. This just doesn’t make sense.

Teachers, children, and adults have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, and if they feel uncomfortable or are at higher risk, they can choose to wear a mask.

If masks were clearly proven to work to prevent transmission, perhaps it would be worth this detriment, but they aren’t.

End the mask mandate in schools for our kids!!

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