A Safe Return to School

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Natalie Morgan

Oct 13, 2020, 5:00:52 PM10/13/20
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Dear LAPS School Board Members,

First thank you for your time and service on the School Board. I respect the challenge it is to make these difficult decisions that affect so many people. 

I would like to submit my opinion for Los Alamos elementary schools to move forward with the in-person education plan beginning October 19th. My children grades Kindergarten and 4th grade have excellent teachers and are doing fine in the remote learning setting. As a work-from-home parent I can provide support and attention that my children need in the current remote learning situation. I feel their teachers are doing their best, but I believe school can be better. I feel that it's all of our responsibility to speak out for those that are struggling in remote learning. The education gap is growing larger each day and the implications of this will not be without consequence.

In this pandemic we live in, we have to be flexible. I know all the details are not perfect yet, but I believe we don't have to be perfect to provide a safe, age appropriate and healthy learning environment for our children and teachers. Our community is fortunate to be in a public health situation where students can safely return to school. Please make in-person school possible now.

Thank you to the janitors, teachers, school staff, administrators and school board members for your efforts in making education the best it can be in Los Alamos!

Natalie Morgan
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