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May 10, 2021, 5:01:35 PM5/10/21
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Dear School Board.


We aren't always energetic. We need our summer. It is  important because that's what makes us kids. It gives us happiness and time to make more friends. Summer is the best time of the year, but we would have extra days and 180 days is long enough to get what is needed moving to the next grade level. 

Having an extra 25 days of school and half of summer will not be best for us kids. We would be sad stressed we don't want to be here at school we would always be tired. We would fall asleep in class and we would get in trouble.  A majority of students need this time off and by having us come these extra days I do not think it would benefit most kids. 

I think the students that need the extra help would appreciate the time, but the students that have worked hard should not be punished. I would be fine with 10 extra days because we still have a majority of our summer. To me that's fine because I will still be able to get my summer. I know that the options are 10 days or 25 days and I think 10 days is doable, but 25 is an added stress. 

It would keep us kids happy and not stressed about doing extra school. We can learn outside school walls. We have many opportunities to learn other things that we are interested in and time with friends is important at my age. 


If you were a kid and  you had 25 extra days of school you wouldn't like it. Would you? I am a 6th grade student and I do not think this would be helpful for my mental health.

So please, give us only 10 day it would mean the world to us. Thank you for your time. I appreciate you reading this letter. 

Best regards, 


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