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May 11, 2021, 11:25:56 AM5/11/21

Dear Board Members,

Hello, I am Izzabel Stone and I am a 6th grade student in Barranca Elementary. I am going to list my personal opinion and facts why I think having extra days added is good. I agree that it can be beneficial for students.

My personal opinion about adding more days is that it would be beneficial for students. Personally, I would love having extra days of school because I love school. I have dyslexia causing me to struggle to keep my reading level at grade level. Studies support that attending school for an additional month will reduce the amount of reading loss I will have during the summer. Additionally, the increased school days will  prepare students for the next school year. I have read in several articles that increasing school by a month will also improve each student's math and science scores, improving our ability to be productive in college and life. 

The pro’s would entail more time to learn, and more time to cover different topics, expanding each student’s ability to be successful. This could benefit the kids who have fallen behind that grade by allowing them extra time to understand key topics. This will benefit teachers because the teachers can teach more descriptively and the students don't feel rushed to finish assignments as much because there are extra days for students to have to finish assignments. You also should consider that recent research supports extended school years; benefit students.

Thank you very much for considering these facts that I have come up with on how and why these changes would be a good thing to do for the students. 

Yours for Education, 

    Izzabel Stone 

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